How to Format Your Manuscript

Properly formatting your manuscript is crucial.

Whether you’re entering a mentorship event, submitting to an agent, or sending your story to an editor, formatting decides everything. It shows the reader that you have a level of professionalism and are serious about your writing.

Please note that while this is industry standard, always check the submission section of their website. They might have specific guidelines they want you to follow. This post is what most places will require, and is probably what’s best when you send your manuscript to sensitivity or beta reader.

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A Guide to Writing Asexual Characters

It makes me so happy to read books with ace-spec characters.

We’re such a small part of the market, and seeing any rep makes me feel so loved and welcome in the world. My hope is to one day pick up a book and be surprised to find an asexual character was added, not for diversity points, but just because.

Because we’re a part of the world that would like to see ourselves represented. I want to see more biromatic aces. Lesbian demis. Straight grey-aces. And for sure I want to see more male characters who are asexual.

So here’s a helpful little guide for writers not on the ace spectrum! It’s not everything, and I can only draw on my own experiences for personal anecdotes. But this is a good place to start if you have an ace character in your story.

Sections of this post:

+ What is Asexuality?

+ What to Avoid

+ Ways to Show an Ace Character

+ Why I Appreciate Asexual Characters

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