Editing Services

My editing style focuses on storytelling and preserving your creative voice.

My goal is to be an affordable editor that works with your creative voice instead of against it. I approached each project with a unique perspective catered to your writing style and genre.

I am getting my Editing and Publishing Certificate from UCLA and I have my Copyediting Certification from Writer’s Digest. For materials I use and a full list of my education, view my bio page.

All of my prices are by word. After 80,000 the price increases slightly.


Full Developmental Edit

This is a full developmental edit on your manuscript. This includes a 3-5 page editorial letter, notes in the manuscript, and line edits (optional).

• $
up to 80,000 words


A full copyedit on your novel, short story, query, or piece of writing. If you do not already have a style sheet, I will make one for you.

• .002 per word
up to 80,000 words.
• .003 per word
81,000 to 95,000 words
• .004 per word
96,000 words and above

Editorial Letter

A 2-5 page editorial letter on your novel. This does not include edits of any kind. Just constructive feedback.

• $20


Selective Developmental Edit

This is a selective developmental edit. Selective edits available include: world building, character arcs and dynamics, and characterization. Includes 2-3 page editorial letter, notes in the manuscript, and line edits (optional).

• $
up to 80,000 words

Short Story Full Edit

Includes 1-2 page editorial letter, notes in the manuscript, and line edits.

• $1 per page
up to 10,000 words

Beta Read

If you’re looking for a casual reader’s perspective on your novel, I’m here. This is not a developmental edit

I will provide full thoughts in book review format, as well as leaving my reaction and thoughts in notes while reading. 

• $15

Requirements and Submissions

Genres I accept:
— LGBTQ YA Fiction — I accept any fiction genre as long as it features an LGBTQ main character. Contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi — you name it!
— YA fantasy (including all subgenres)
— Short stories can be any genre

Manuscripts are sent in Word so I can use track changes and comments when editing. I have a post about formatting that covers font sizing and more.

You can use the contact form below or contact me directly via email when reaching out with submissions.

Please include any content\trigger warnings in your book in your initial email.

Contact Me

email: eleanorewasilewski@gmail.com
twitter: @vintageoceans
instagram: @vintage.oceans

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