A Guide to Writing Asexual Characters

It makes me so happy to read books with ace-spec characters.

We’re such a small part of the market, and seeing any rep makes me feel so loved and welcome in the world. My hope is to one day pick up a book and be surprised to find an asexual character was added, not for diversity points, but just because.

Because we’re a part of the world that would like to see ourselves represented. I want to see more biromatic aces. Lesbian demis. Straight grey-aces. And for sure I want to see more male characters who are asexual.

So here’s a helpful little guide for writers not on the ace spectrum! It’s not everything, and I can only draw on my own experiences for personal anecdotes. But this is a good place to start if you have an ace character in your story.

Sections of this post:

+ What is Asexuality?

+ What to Avoid

+ Ways to Show an Ace Character

+ Why I Appreciate Asexual Characters

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